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Shrink Wrappers

Clamco Model 110 Shrink Wrap System

Clamco Model 110 15x20 Sealer Area L-Bar comes complete with Magnetic Hold Downs, Factory Hole Perf. and Takeaway Belt Tunnel Opening; 6" x 14".

Manufacturer: Clamco Model Number: Model 110 View Product

Preferred Packaging Systems Hot Knife Auto Shrink Wrapper with attached tunnel

This is a hot knife belt to belt system fully automatic L-bar sealer with attached tunnel.  It is in excellent condition.

Manufacturer: Preferred Packaging Systems Model Number: PP5300 View Product

Shanklin S5CL Oversized Semi-Automatic L-Bar Sealer

 Features power film unwind, film inverting head, package positioning guide.
- Heavy duty discharge conveyor, impulse/constant heat sealing systems.
- Package size 30" wide x 54" long x 6" high, typical operating speeds of 10-20 packages per minute.
- 220 volt AC/single phase/27 AMP, 60 PSI max, 40 PSI min.
- Machine dimensions are 120" long x 85" wide x 43" high, spec sheet on file

Manufacturer: Shanklin Model Number: S5CL View Product

Shanklin A27A Automatic L-Sealer

The Shanklin A-Series of compact, rugged, and versatile Automatic L-Sealers offers gentle product feed and straight line product flow that make them ideally suited for handling a wide variety of products. A-Series machines feature conveyor-fed automatic operation and are capable of processing up to 35 packages per minute, plus the L-Seal design provides great flexibility and quick product change. Each will accept randomly spaced product, fed either automatically or by hand. • Reliable—Equipped with programmable controllers for simplicity of wiring and ease of troubleshooting; facilitates easy machine set-up and adjustment • Flexible—Photoelectric sensor system automatically compensates for package length change; automatic film advance system allows light, flexible products to be fed through the machine with ease • Versatile—Offers easy product and size changeover and the ability to handle virtually any type of film (depending on sealing system); most features are fully adjustable for maximum convenience • Safe—Electrical controls are UL-listed (for meeting the highest safety standards); sealing area is protected by an electrically interlocked transparent hood through which the sealing process may be safely observed; hood may be easily lifted for full access when necess

Manufacturer: Shanklin Model Number: A27A View Product

Heat Seal 30 x 40 L-bar w/ T -3010 Beseler Tunnel

Nice over sized L-Bar sealer w/ matching tunnel.

Manufacturer: Heat Seal/Beseler Model Number: Heat Seal HS3040 Sealer Beseler T 30-10 Tunnel View Product

Heat Seal HS 30 x 40 L-bar

Oversized L-Bar Sealer. Nice machine, great price.

Manufacturer: Heat Seal Model Number: HS 3040 View Product

Rebuilt Shanklin Model: M-22 Automatic Multipacker

The M-22 Automatic Multi-Packer consists of a specially modified S-24C High Production L-Sealer on which an automatic right-angle accumulating infeed has been installed for orienting and grouping a series of products.
The basic components of the infeed are a product feeding conveyor, an accumulating conveyor, and a specialized right-angle inserting unit for feeding the grouping of products into the sealing areas. Available accessories include right-angle transfer mechanisms, product up-enders, product up-stackers, and special product- accumulating conveyors.
Features of the M-22
Fully Automatic Operation
Maximum Bundle Size - 15"W x 15"L x 8"H (15"W x 24"L x 8"H multi-stroke)
Speed - 10 to 15 bundles per minute
Floor Space - 5 1/2' x 8 1/2' (exclusive of infeed conveyors)

Manufacturer: Model Number: Model: M-22 View Product

Toledo Scale T-16 Super Wrapper Model: 0641 W/Exact Equipment (Mettler-Toledo) Speedmaster scale.

This is commonly called bunch wrapper. It uses cellophane over a tray. Typical application are meats, vegetables and other foods on a tray. The second piece is scale.

Manufacturer: Model Number: View Product

Conflex E-150 L Bar Sealer

This is a hot knife semi automatic L bar sealer.  Comes with powered film unwind.  Film inverter.  Take away conveyor.  Model: E-150.  Demo available in person or video.  We have heat tunnels in stock to go with this very nice machine.

Manufacturer: Model Number: View Product

Shanklin SS L-Bar Sealer

This is a semi-automatic shrink wrapper.  This unit is air operated unit.  It has powered film unwind. Film inverterter. Hole punch. casters.  Its in good condition.  We would make sure its in tip top conditon before it ships.

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